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*2024 *RYVL Action.soul 3663MH Low Rider Overhead Salmon surf rod 3.6m
  • *2024 *RYVL Action.soul 3663MH Low Rider Overhead Salmon surf rod 3.6m

    The 2024 RYVL Action.soul Low Rider Overhead Salmon Surf Rod 3.6m – Elevate Your Fishing Experience with Unrivaled Precision and Power.


    🔥 **Key Features:**

    - **Expert Craftsmanship:** Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of fishing technology with Toray Japan's SVF grade carbon fiber (40T&60T), delivering unparalleled performance.

    - **Japanese Precision:** Engineered with Fuji Guides and Reel Seat, ensuring exceptional quality and durability, setting a new standard in your angling adventures.

    - **Innovative Low Rider Design:** Redefining expectations, our low reel mount position empowers longer casts and enhanced comfort – a favorite among seasoned anglers.

    - **Lightweight Mastery:** Weighing a mere 360g, the Action.soul guarantees fatigue-free fishing, offering lasting enjoyment during extended outings.


    🎣 **Exceptional Components for Peak Performance:**

    - **Low Profile EVA Grips:** Expertly designed for comfort and control, connecting you seamlessly to the potent performance of the RYVL Sensor Special Ballistic's blanks.

    - **RYVL Reel Seat:** Exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, ensuring a rock-solid connection between your rod and reel.

    - **Fuji Guides:** Lighter and stronger, these guides provide tangle-free angling, contributing to hassle-free days on the water.


    💪 **Built to Endure:**

    - **X-Tube Blank Protection:** Safeguard your investment with our protective X-Tube, preventing wear and scratches when placing the rod in and out of holders.

    - **Harvey Duty Safety Rod Tube:** A premium tube offering secure storage, reinforcing the safety of your valued gear.


    📐 **Specifications:**

    - **Model:** Action.soul 3663MH

    - **Color:** Chameleon & Carbon

    - **Action:** Fast

    - **Line:** 12-36lbs

    - **Casting Weight (CW):** 30-95g

    - **Length:** 3.6M

    - **Every Rod with ID Number**

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