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2024 RYVL G.Force III 2602H Spin Stickbait Rod
  • 2024 RYVL G.Force III 2602H Spin Stickbait Rod

    Built to break your record


    The RYVL G.Force III 2602H Spinning Stickbait Rod is specifically designed to target hard-fighting sportfish. The core of the new G.Force III is RYVL's X45 Full Shield carbon technology. With significant improvements to torsional stiffness of the rod blank, X45 Full Shield means the rods will resist twisting forces, storing more potential energy and ultimately releasing that energy into the cast when the angler lets their finger off the line.


    The benefits of X45 Full Shield don't stop there either, when working lures like poppers or stick baits, the blank's ability to resist twisting and deformation means every inch of effort you put in is transferred through the blank to make lures swim easier and more efficiently than ever before.


    Fuji stainless steel guides with reversed stripper guides give the best possible casting performance, and heavy-duty Fuji reel seats with locking nuts secure your chosen reel with confidence.


    X45 Full Shield

    X45 Full Shield Technology is 25% more efficient than standard X45 technology. With increased torsional stiffness, blanks armed with X45 resist blank twist during casting and jigging. This characteristic prevents the blank from losing stored energy during the cast, ensuring that every bit of force you put into your cast, is transferred through the blank and ultimately to your chosen lure.


    SVF Nanoplus

    Through the use of nano resin control technology in the blank construction process, Nanoplus allows for increased graphite density to be achieved within a graphite rod blank.


    Fuji Stainless Steel Guides

    Light, strong, and highly corrosion resistant, Fuji stainless steel guides are tailor-made for NZ and Australia's harsh conditions.



    Fuji Reel Seat

    Light, strong and true to the famous brand's reputation for quality and class, Fuji reel seats deliver on performance and value.


    One-piece carbon fiber rod handle
    Revolutionary one-piece carbon fiber rod handle. It is made of 40T carbon, eliminating the need for bulky traditional EVA handles, making the rod lighter and having better tremor conductivity! The small tremor of the rod tip will be clearly transmitted to the user



    RYVL G.Force III Spinning Stickbait Rod Features:

    X45 Full Shield External Blank Reinforcement

    SVF Nanoplus: SVF Carbon Nano Resin Technology

    One-piece carbon fiber rod handle

    Fuji stainless steel frame guides

    Fuji reel seat


    RYVL G.Force III  Spinning Stickbait Rod Specifications:

    Model:G.Force III 2602H

    Action: Heavy

    Length: 260cm

    Line rating: PE5-PE8

    Lure weight: Max 60-190g

    Pieces: 2

    Taper: Regular

    Type: Spin

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