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*2024 Carbon* RYVL SEACOPE II Telescopic outrigger 4.9M (including base) --pair
  • *2024 Carbon* RYVL SEACOPE II Telescopic outrigger 4.9M (including base) --pair


    In 2024, RYVL has fully upgraded the outrigger materials. The material uses Fully carbon by Toray Japan *powerfull graphite blank, which is lighter and stronger. *X-Tube design has been added to the entire pole.

    Planning to catch the big ones? Using the RYVL SEACOPE II Telescopic Outrigger allows you to spread your game lures, prevent tangles and make the lures swim more naturally. Each heavy-duty outrigger features carbon fiber multi-piece telescopic blanks, designed to be compact but highly functional. And what's more it's lighter and very stiff compared to fiberglass or aluminum poles.

    Stiff outriggers give a crisper release when a lure is struck and prevent the lures tumbling in rough seas. Aluminum cam-locks lock the riggers into the ideal length as required. They're also short enough to be stowed away in your cabin or side pockets once you're done for the day. And what's more multiple stainless halyards mean you can run several lures in different positions off one side of your boat.

    This is custom made specially designed for game fishing boat. prevent tangles and make the lures swim more naturally. Special custom made CNC aluminum locking kit to resist fold back when towing larger lures. 3 piece set is made with carbon and space saving.

    4.9m Telescopic outrigger pole : Features: *Custom made CNC aluminum locking kit

    *Heavy action *3 pieces Telescopic outriggers *carbon fiber lighter and stiff

    Specifications: Pieces:3 Length:4.9M

    3 positions 316 Stainless Steel Outrigger Base Assembly: Features:

    Material: Marine grade 316 stainless steel Compact and lightweight Base: can swivel through 360 degrees 3 positions on pole: Vertical, 45 degrees, flat Designed to be permanently bolted to the gunwhale or cabin on top of boat Outrigger pole is removable.


    If you need the outrigger Rigging Kit, it's just an extra $89.


    South Island$36.00
    South Island > rural$41.00
    North Island$39.00
    North Island > rural$45.00
      $1,899.00 Regular Price
      $999.00Sale Price
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